Around the Castle

During the couple hours of sun yesterday, I went up to the royal gardens at the castle and wandered west and south from there, over to the cathedral and then down through the vineyards. Everything is blindingly green after ten days of rain, and most people walk around with a dazzled, happy look that suggests the entire country spent the last week indoors, staring out, listening to the rain drip everywhere.

[Edited: Yesterday, June 27, was the Remembrance of the Victims of the Communist Regime–not, of course, twenty years since the end of Communism. All week long, I’ve been seeing ČT1’s promo for its program (which runs tonight) on twenty years since the end of Communism–so maybe that’s why I goofed.]


2 responses to “Around the Castle

  1. It is so beautiful there! Glad you got a spot of sunshine!

    • It’s beautiful even when soaking wet for 10 days, you’re right! :) (Fortunately, the floods seem to have missed Prague, this time.) But I was glad to have those couple of hours to run around and take photos in good light. :)))

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