About this blog

Three countries in four years.

First, Israel–scientists, sand, Tel Aviv, a thousand shades of green, and nine months of summer: http://rehovot.wordpress.com.

Prague–more scientists (students), a lack of vowels, commuting past the castle, and my introduction to publishing: http://smetanas-glasses.blogspot.com.

And now, New York–the city that generations of my family called home..but which seems like an entirely new country to me. If you haven’t guessed, I’m the accidental immigrant.


2 responses to “About this blog

  1. Looks like you’re getting settled–again–just when we are looking at Prague as a temptation trip. No, not possible to get to Czech Rep. but it has been in our news a lot. Missing you and J a lot. Keep writing the blog.

    Best regards and “enjoy Astoria”!

  2. I also have immigrant ancestors who worked in the old hat factories in Orange back in the late 1800’s. Thoroughly enjoyed your article! Thanks for sharing.

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